Dane Carey Secures $850,000 Settlement In Commercial Litigation Lawsuit

Commercial Litigation Involving Economic, Consequential, and Business Loss Damages

Type of Action: Breach of Warranty, Breach of Contract, Negligent Misrepresentation, Fraudulent Inducement, and Negligence

Type of Injuries: Plaintiff was a start-up business entering a new market. Defendant's failure to deliver on the parties' commercial agreement caused substantial disruption to Plaintiff's business launch and ongoing operations for a two-year period.

Court/Case No.: Leelanau County Circuit Court / [confidential per settlement agreement]

Name of Case: [confidential per settlement agreement]

Damages Awarded: Plaintiff paid under $400,000 to Defendant under agreement, but recovered $850,000 in settlement due to intensive discovery efforts, aggressive litigation strategy, and compelling demonstration of consequential and business loss damages suffered.

Attorney for Plaintiffs: W. Dane Carey

Highest Pre-suit Offer: $75,000