Business and Commercial Litigation

All businesses have legal needs, but for most businesses, it is impractical to have an in-house legal department. The business litigation attorney team at Kuhn Rogers represents numerous Michigan companies regarding the variety of legal issues that affect the day-to-day operations of their business, as well as major or extraordinary transactions.

Our firm has been a fixture in Traverse City and Northern Michigan for over a century; we have worked with some of our current commercial clients for decades, and in some cases, generations. We maintain strong working relationships with our clients because we focus not only on their short-term needs, but their long-term goals. Our business litigation attorney team guides our clients at every phase of their company’s life cycle, protecting their interests in all of their dealings. We consider every transaction not only in light of its legal aspects, but its possible impact on the company’s business goals.

While Kuhn Rogers is a respected local firm, we bring to the table for our clients a level of sophistication more often associated with large firms in major metropolitan areas. It is precisely the confluence of our local knowledge and ability to deftly navigate complex transactions that makes us trusted advisors to businesses throughout Michigan and the region.

Transactional Services

Kuhn Rogers represents businesses ranging from sole proprietorships to multinational corporations in commercial transactions across a wide range of industries including financial services, manufacturing, technology, software, real estate, and more. Our services include assistance with transactions and agreements including:

  • Advertising and marketing
  • Agency agreements
  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Consultant and advisor agreements
  • Distribution and franchising agreements
  • Employment agreements
  • Human resources support
  • Insurance claims and coverage
  • Joint ventures
  • License agreements
  • Master services agreements
  • Outsourcing agreements
  • Procurement contracts
  • Real estate purchases, sales, and leases
  • Research and development agreements
  • Standard contract terms and conditions
  • Terms of use and privacy policies
  • Trademark guidance and support

Business Litigation Attorney Team for Michigan Companies

Businesses are based on relationships; those business relationships are based on a network of agreements. Kuhn Rogers negotiates, drafts, and reviews transactional agreements to ensure our clients’ needs are met, their goals advanced, and their business relationships strengthened.

Agreements that are incomplete or unclear create confusion regarding the parties’ rights and responsibilities. That can lead to unnecessary commercial litigation that diverts resources from the company’s essential operations and growth. The attorneys of Kuhn Rogers are committed to crafting agreements with the specificity needed to ensure that all parties understand their obligations, and the flexibility to respond to real-world contingencies.

Our business litigation attorney team invites you to contact Kuhn Rogers to learn more about how we support businesses of all sizes in both routine and exceptional commercial transactions.